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About us

CargoSupport – Commercial offer

Company «ПП КАРГО СУППОРТ» is part of a group of international forwarding companies with offices in Ukraine and the Netherlands. We provide a full range of forwarding services for the international delivery of goods by road, sea and air, as well as customs brokerage services. Thanks to extensive experience and impeccable reputation, our company has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner. We are a team of professionals, and we know how to ensure in practice timely deliveries, cost optimization, transportation safety, as well as legal and financial literacy of transactions.

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The main priority of our company is long-term cooperation with our partners. We provide an individual approach to each client, offering high quality services, reasonable prices, and a guarantee of delivery of your cargo in the required time frame. Our main task is to provide the highest quality transport services.

Our mission is to support entrepreneurs in the field of international logistics and development of Ukrainian business.
Minimum price offer

Minimum price offer

Compliance with the stated deadlines

Compliance with the stated deadlines

Reliability guarantee

Reliability guarantee

Our services

🚚 International transportation of goods by road

International transportation of goods by road —this is transportation both by a separate vehicle and as part of groupage cargo for export-import operations. Trucking is always fast, efficient and relatively inexpensive. Professional logisticians will plan the optimal scheme for the transportation of your cargo. There is no doubt that the cargo will be delivered intact and safe to the agreed place.

International shipments of goods by road are very popular among companies, who are engaged in the production or sale of goods. Maximum weight of standard transport –20 tons , and the minimum 100 Kg.

Types of road freight

🚛 Freight transport in Europe by road

Freight transportation in Europe by road — transportation both by a separate vehicle, and as part of a groupage cargo between the countries of the European Union . This type of transportation between EU countries has its own characteristics. Due to the fact that there are no customs clearance procedures within the European Union, road freight transport is much faster.

The cost of cargo transportation in Europe depends primarily on the country, weight, dimensions and distance of cargo transportation. Our specialists will develop the most acceptable logistic scheme, taking into account the characteristics of the transported goods, the legislation of the European Union, optimal terms and reasonable costs. We deliver all categories of complete and groupage cargo – whether general, perishable, dangerous or fragile, temperature…

✈️ Freight air transportation

Freight air transportation — the fastest way to deliver cargo from one point of the world to another. Cargo transportation by air is in demand due to its versatility and the ability to provide fast delivery of cargo over very long distances. This is the most mobile mode of transportation and has an excellent ratio of cost and delivery time.

Our company cooperates with well-known domestic and world carriers, which allows us to offer our customers favorable rates for air transportation around the world, regardless of the distance of transportation. We guarantee fast, reliable and favorable air transportation rates. The shipment takes place under the constant supervision of our specialists, which guarantees adherence to the delivery schedule, an acceptable cost and the safety of the cargo.

🚢 Морские грузовые перевозки

This is the most popular type of long-distance cargo transportation. Thanks to sea freight, it is possible to deliver both large consignments in tons in separate containers 20 feet / 40 feet / 40 HQ, and as part of groupage cargo from 50 kg. Optimal transportation routes allow us to provide maximum service to our customers and provide the best conditions for the transportation of goods by sea.

“CargoSupport” provides its own groupage cargo delivery service through European seaports, which reduces transit time, significantly expands geography, and minimizes transportation costs. Also, a distinctive feature of our company is that we offer our clients a full range of services, including customs clearance and optimal rates for delivery and service.

✍ Customs brokerage services

Goods that move from one country to another must move according to the laws of both countries and be accompanied along with an approved package of documents. To understand the intricacies of customs clearance of goods will help our professionals customs brokers with many years of experience.

Our company has state accreditation as a customs broker and is included in the register of customs representatives of Ukraine. We work with different modes: Export, Import, Temporary import / export, Re-export, Re-import, Tolling raw materials, Customs clearance of cars, Work with individuals, enterprises, individual entrepreneurs..

📦 Express transportation (courier delivery)

We have partnered with various courier companies FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc., and can provide quality service. Each of these international courier services has its own advantages and characteristics. Our team knows all the intricacies of working with such companies, which are “pitfalls”, how to avoid additional costs, necessary documents and requirements for transportation. We know how to make Express transportation for you quickly, reliably, with a minimum of obstacles. We provide services not only for express transportation, but also full support, tracking, control of delivery to the door.

Ⓐ Delivery to Amazon

Shipping on Amazon to the USA can be done by air and sea freight. The peculiarities are that you need to know the composition, nature of the cargo, (HS Code), cost, dimensions and weight. If we have this information, we can arrange delivery to Amazon, including all customs procedures.

Our clients

A feature of our company is the fact that we provide services to all participants in foreign economic activity:

Individuals entrepreneurs
Legal entities
For private persons

Company principles

The main principle of the company is its export orientation. This means that we make every effort, our acquired knowledge and skills, to help entrepreneurs who enter other markets with their own product.

We provide free consultations, help to prepare the correct and complete package of documents, choose the best way of international transportation of goods within a specified budget and within a specified period of time.

Due to the high professionalism, responsible approach to work, our company can offer solutions for complex transport tasks, planning, optimizing costs and demonstrating flexible and individual approach. We are always ready to provide you with the best conditions for the logistics of your goods, using our many years of experience and understanding of the market and always act in the interests of the client and provide quality services, inform about risks in advance, the specifics of work and other important information.

We only work with official shipments. All goods with which we work must go through customs procedures provided for by law. At the same time, the type and complexity of the task do not matter to us. We guarantee strict compliance with customs regulations, Ukrainian legislation and international legal acts.

We can arrange
  • picking up the cargo from the seller;
  • do customs clearance in the country of departure;
  • arrange international transportation;
  • customs clearance of goods in the country of destination;
  • address delivery to the recipient.
Customs clearance is not as difficult as it may seem or as stereotypes have developed, but with the help of professionals, you can always easily resolve such issues.

Our representative office in the Netherlands

Company Onylogis in the Netherlands is part of our holding. The main activity of Onilogis is road transport in the middle of Europe. Thanks to this enterprise, our team received New opportunities, and we have developed into an international group of companies. The presence of a large number of carrier partners allowed us to expand the geography of transportation and reduce the cost of transportation for our clients, both within Europe and in Ukraine.

We guarantee you professionalism, high quality work, individual approach. Every client is dear to us!


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