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CargoSupport Company – a team of experts, which offers a number of packages for developing business for external economic activity and makes comprehensive logistics solutions.
We believe in the successful Ukrainian business development. Our mission is to help entrepreneurs to deal with international markets, logistics and customs procedures.

Our main goal is to relieve customers from import and export difficulties for setting new goals and their achievements.

Our company is open for irregular tasks in the sphere of external economic activity, including international freight by truck, overseas transportation or by air, customs management services and outsourcing EEA.

We work for your result, that’s why our company takes into consideration main customer needs: delivery terms, loading dimensions, budget, customs regulations and other features of the market.

You are just starting a business – CargoSupport will help you to understand the subtleties of external economic activity: how to find a supplier or calculate supply margin, conduct negotiations with the best delivery terms or settle a contract, elaborate the itinerary, deliver cargo in time and make customs clearance.

If you are already an experienced participant of foreign economic relations and use outsourcing services EEA – our company will prepare comprehensive solutions based on your goals, organize delivery from China, the USA, Europe, the UAE and make customs clearance in the required period.

We work for Your result!

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“Выражаем признательность за сотрудничество компании CargoSupport с нашей компанией! В лице директора Юлии Шкуриной компания «Двери Белоруссии» приобрела не только надёжного перевозчика, которому по силам доставить наш груз быстро и качественно в любую указанную точку любым видом транспорта, но и настоящего партнёра, с которым наша компания будет брать всё новые вершины в бизнесе!”

Макаров Вячеслав

Начальник отдела транспортной логистики, ООО «Двери Белоруссии»

“От имени БО “Фонд оборони країни” хотим поблагодарить CargoSupport , в лице директора Юлии Шкуриной за организацию закупки хирургического оборудования для ожогового центра Днепропетровской городской поликлиники №2 . В 2015 году в рамках благотворительного проекта мы доверили Юлии организацию импортных операций : поиск и переговоры с производителями, составление договоров на выгодных условиях, организацию логистики импорта и гуманитарного груза , получение разрешительной документации и таможенное оформление , – и очень довольны результатом. Она проявила себя , как профессионал , работа выполнена на высоком уровне, с соблюдением оговоренных ранее условий.”

Павел Хазан

Глава фонда, БО “Фонд оборони країни”

“As our company depends on regular transportation services across the Atlantic, we were at a loss to lose our previous
logistics partner.”

James Walkheart

Averista Inc.


Coronovirus Logistics Limitations

Time limits in international logistics related associated with the coronavirus COVID-19 (as of March 31, 2020) COVID-19 coronavirus has caused tremendous losses to the global economy as a whole and almost all sectors in particular. The transport and logistics sector was faced with challenges – and felt the damage from the epidemic – one of

How to sell on Amazon from Ukraine

There is hardly a person who has ever bought something at the Internet and at the same time I would not hear about Amazon. Amazon is the world’s largest online store with its head office in the United States. It is deservedly considered one of the largest in the world. About 50% of all United

Customs clearance of cars in Ukraine

The company “PP Cargo Support” provides comprehensive solutions – from the submission of preliminary declarations for the border crossing, to the preparation of a customs declaration at the checkpoint. Prices for our services are much “budgetary” than most customs brokers working in border regions. We can defend the customs value stated in the client’s documents,

Logistics Notes | Truck freight

Are you looking for a convenient solution for auto delivery of goods from Europe or Ukraine? Want to reduce your international logistics costs? Do you export or import to the EU countries, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkey and strive to adjust this process to the ideal? Cargo Support is ready to share experience and life hacks

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CargoSupport Company cooperates with reliable road haulage, shipping and air lines, has a wide agent network in more than 150 countries. Our aim is to organize freight service in such a way that our clients receive uniquely conditions, reduce the efforts for delivery and customs clearance in Europe, CIS, Middle East, Asia, America.

We also provide warehousing services in Poland, China and the United States of America for consolidation or arranging multimodal deliveries.

We work for Your result!







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