Freight transport in Europe

Freight transport in Europe

Freight transport in Europe

International transportation of goods by road & mdash; one of the most popular types of cargo transportation.
Main advantages:

  • immediate delivery;
  • the most flexible delivery schedules and routes;
  • full control over the cargo and on time;
  • informing about the status of the shipment;
  • flexible scheduling and transportation planning;
  • relatively low price.

CargoSupport offers services for the delivery of goods from Europe to Ukraine by any type of transport. The cost depends on the distance, route, nature of the cargo (dangerous, perishable, oversized, etc.), method of transportation.

Delivery of general cargo is cheaper than groupage, since consolidation costs are excluded from the total amount. We carry out freight transport in Europe fast, safe and at an adequate cost.

We transport goods under any conditions INCOTERMS, в том числе «с завода» (EXW) nd to the recipient’s door. Our logisticians find optimal solutions even for complex tasks, optimizing financial and time costs.

List of European countries we work with

Are you looking for delivery to / from the Netherlands, Germany or Switzerland? Do you have a cargo from Austria, Germany or Slovakia? We guarantee loading your cargo on any working day, from any city. In some cases, we will also provide pickup and delivery on holidays. To ensure the highest quality of service, our vehicles are shipped from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and other European countries.

Transportation of goods by road from these countries takes 2-5 working days, while providing full door-to-door delivery of goods. Freight road transportation is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the CMR convention with door-to-door delivery. We also provide transportation of dangerous (ADR) goods.

Additional services provided by CargoSupport:

  • customs clearance;
  • transportation of non-standard cargo;
  • ADR cargo handling;
  • consultations.

If you want to improve your transport logistics system and are currently planning large-scale projects, then CargoSupport can become a reliable partner in the field of transport and logistics services.

Freight transport services in Europe

Our staff will help you optimize the transportation route. We monitor the delivery on a daily basis and control each direction of transportation. Freight transportation by road from Europe is carried out as soon as possible according to the optimal logistics scheme, which is prepared individually for each client.

Our specialists successfully carry out cargo transportation of any level of complexity, thanks to the use of a modern fleet of vehicles and many years of professional experience in the transport industry. Our greatest asset & mdash; these are our customers, therefore we are constantly developing our services, such as expanding the geographical offer and transport services, improving the qualifications of our employees, introducing various innovations to reduce transport costs and improve the quality of freight traffic.

For detailed information on road freight transportation to Europe, prices, terms of delivery of goods, you can contact us by phone.


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