Transportation of goods from Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Transportation of goods from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina — a federal state of Southern Europe, consisting of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska. Bosnia and Herzegovina — multinational state.

This is a country with a stable market economy, belongs to the middle-developed agrarian-industrial states, where the agrarian sector is more developed.

Agriculture — main branch of the economyBosnia and Herzegovina, even though the soil is poor. Breeding of sheep and goats prevails in animal husbandry, in the north of the country — cattle.

The main exported goods: furniture, metal structures, wires, timber, footwear, spare parts, hot-rolled rods.

How to organize road freight from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Map

Company «CargoSupport» provides transportation of goods services by road from Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the opposite direction to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The cost of transportation includes all transportation costs to the consignee’s warehouse, transportation insurance, and the responsibility of the transport company. We draw up all the necessary transport documents for all types and groups of goods, provide customs clearance of goods.

We attract passing transport, if upon receipt of an application for the delivery of cargo from Bosnia and Herzegovina, such one has just completed the execution of another order and is free.

The team consists of competent managers, transport workers, logisticians with specialized education and many years of experience, knowledge of modern transport technologies, all types of transport and legislation.

he main advantage of trucking is the ability to deliver to almost anywhere in Europe. You can also order transportation from / to Bosnia and Herzegovina using a refrigerator. We work not only with legal entities, but also with individuals.


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