International groupage cargo transportation

International groupage cargo transportation

Groupage cargo delivery

Throughout the world, the volume of transported groupage cargo is increasing every year. This is due to the growing popularity of online shopping. In cases of dispatch of small cargoes, express delivery services created great competition for trucking companies.

Due to this, freight forwarding companies use groupage transportation schemes to increase supply flexibility. It is also worth emphasizing that an increasing number of manufacturers are seeking to reduce intermediaries in the transportation of their goods, thereby limiting their costs and creating opportunities for direct contact with the carrier.

The development of e-commerce is an incentive for the development of groupage cargo transportation and even as a partial alternative to parcel delivery services.

What is groupage

Groupage is the most popular form of transporting goods over long distances. Their characteristic features are the consolidation of small consignments of several consignors in a special warehouse, which makes it possible to transport small consignments at affordable prices.

Most often, groupage goods are transported in one vehicle to deliver goods to several recipients. In the field of international transport logistics, the most frequently transported cargo is groupage cargo, which ensures their simple and efficient transportation.

This type of delivery gives a lot of advantages both to the transport company and to the customer, while the delivery time depends on the completion time of the batch, the route of transport.

What is groupage cargo

International groupage cargo delivery

The international delivery of groupage cargoes is advantageous for export and import both for low and high value products, such as electronic devices, tablets or mobile phones. International groupage cargo transportation is an ideal service for small and medium-sized companies that do not ship large volumes of goods. Groupage cargo transportation allows small companies to grow and increase sales.

Groupage shipping cost

The cost of transportation of groupage cargo depends on some factors such as: distance to destination, type of transport, weight of cargo and its volume.

Transportation of groupage cargo can reduce the cost of delivery of small-sized cargoes, but less profitable when delivering bulky cargo, when it is more profitable to order a separate transport. Significant savings are achieved through the efficient use of cargo space.

Although the cost of transporting one cubic meter is higher than when sending with one full load, this is the best option when working with small-sized cargo. Even if you wait for the shipment due to the need to wait until it is consolidated, usually this type of delivery is cheaper than shipping by plane.

Delivery of groupage cargoes gives you the opportunity to save on transportation, both for customers and transport campaigns, since sending only one car to a certain point, you can execute several orders for cargo transportation at once.

Particular cargo transportation features

Consolidated cargo in the back of the car

Transportation of groupage cargo has several features due to the fact that the consolidation of goods in one machine has certain restrictions.

  1. Some types of goods should not be in contact, much less transported together with dangerous goods. Therefore, the transport of dangerous goods requires special transportation requirements.
  2. In the case of transportation of non-standard pallets, it is better to resort to the services of forming a shipment at a consolidation warehouse along with cargoes of such sizes that can be added to fully load the machine. The freight price in this case is proportionally divided between all participants in the carriage in this machine. With such a scheme, it is especially important to take into account the dimensions, weight, volume and the possibility of stacking the cargo.
  3. When transporting diverse goods that belong to different customers, it is important to consider their location in the car. For example, metal products that have sharp edges can not be placed next to the equipment because fragile goods can be damaged during the transportation of the machine. It is also incompatible to transport nearby clothing and liquids, perishable goods and long-term storage, etc. In addition, due attention must be paid to the quality packaging of the cargo.
  4. Groupage cargoes are made up of separate consignments of goods from different senders, each of which has its own departure time, which is set by the carrier. In this regard, when planning the route and delivery time, it is necessary to take into account all stages of cargo formation.
  5. Not every freight forwarding company provides this type of service due to the fact that the preparation of accompanying documents for groupage cargoes is complex procedures that can only be organized by experienced qualified specialists.

Types of groupage cargoes

Groupage cargo is divided depending on the form of packaging, conditions of transportation, storage, as well as on the hazard class.

  • Form of packaging. Divided into goods that have packaging and those that are not packed, as well as bulk and liquid. It is worth remembering that packaging has an extremely important function, because some types of goods are vulnerable to damage and destruction for transportation without proper packaging.
  • Conditions of carriage. Depending on the conditions for transportation in this group, goods are divided into ordinary, which do not require special conditions of transportation and specific, which require compliance with special conditions such as temperature .
  • Storage conditions. Depending on where you can store it in a closed warehouse or in open areas.
  • Hazard class. There are products that require special transport precautions. According to the classifier, 9 classes of dangerous goods are distinguished.

How to consolidate consolidated cargoes

How to consolidate groupage

The load distribution in the car is similar to a tetris game, where any of the load parameters has a value. The total weight of the cargo should not exceed the maximum permitted vehicle load. The value of this parameter does not depend on the size of the machine or on the volume of the cargo.

In addition, it is important to pay priority to the loading of goods for different consignees. Closer to the edge of the machine there should be loads whose recipients will receive them earlier. This is necessary in order not to unload the entire machine every time, in order to get the cargo from the front.

Example of consolidation of groupage cargo

For example: the car has restrictions on the maximum load weight of 20 tons and a volume of 120 m³. If one of the goods weighs 15 tons and occupies a volume of 10 m³. In this case, to load the machine, you need to add only 5 tons of weight to it, but not less than 110 m³ of volume. That is, it is necessary to add bulk cargo, the price for the transportation of which will depend on the volume, and its weight will be of secondary importance.

Tariffs for transportation of groupage cargoes

With groupage cargo transportation it’s almost impossible to create a tariff network that regulates rates for this type of transportation. The parameters of any cargo are formed depending on the weight, volume, meta load and delivery. You can calculate the cost of the transported goods for 1 m³ or 1 kg., But many goods in size and weight are not standard.

If the cargo takes place in its dimensions over a standard pallet, you will have to pay both for the transportation of two standard pallets. The cost of freight per kg is not applicable to bulk cargo.

Nevertheless, it is possible to create an approximate tariff grid, which a lot of companies do, but the final price of transportation will depend on the actual parameters of the cargo after packing, when it will be formed for transportation.

Groupage with CargoSupport

Groupage Cargo Delivery - CargoSupport

CargoSupport offers a wide range of transport and logistics services. One of the fastest growing areas of activity is the transportation of groupage cargo. We organize groupage cargoes (including dangerous and requiring controlled temperature) from anywhere in the world. International delivery of groupage cargo enables customers to send or receive goods in small batches at a price comparable to the price of the same quantity of goods in a large batch.

We will be glad to begin our cooperation with you and answer any of your questions.


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