International transportation from the UAE

International transportation from the UAE

ДDubai is the dawn

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates and occupies territory on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula at the entrance to the Persian Gulf. The emirate of the capital Abu Dhabi occupies about 70% of the country. Each emirate retains considerable autonomy, especially with respect to oil revenues.

The president and prime minister are elected by the Supreme Council, which includes the kings of each of the seven emirates. In practice, however, the King of Abu Dhabi is always elected President and the King of Dubai is always elected Prime Minister, making positions de facto hereditary.

Most of the territory of the United Arab Emirates is occupied by the desert, which is the world’s largest land area, completely dug sand. The country is unusually dry and rains only a few days a year.

Despite this, the Emirates use water at an alarming rate: for example, in major public parks a wide strip of grass, and landscaping can be extensive in resorts or other public places. Most of the water used comes from desalination.

This country, rich in history and culture, is a starting point for travel in the Middle East. Here are large shopping centers that import and export both goods and raw materials obtained from the development and production of oil and gas, as well as gold, precious stones and other natural resources and minerals. There have been legends about the natural resources of the UAE for a long time, and many entrepreneurs who are engaged in international trade dream of establishing trade relations with this country.

At the dawn of its development, the Emirates was a rather modest and poor country, whose inhabitants had income mainly from the sale of fish, but thanks to oil revenues and skillful investment in economic development, this country was able to achieve great results in the shortest possible time.

Freight transport logistics in the UAE

United Arab Emirates map

Historically, trade cargoes have passed through the Emirates, as the country is halfway between the productive economic routes of the Far East and Europe, which contributes to its transformation into an international economic center.

The United Arab Emirates has significantly expanded its international trade relations with other countries and has developed all types of freight transport infrastructure. It is worth noting that barriers to efficient logistics are minimized in specialized areas, and the procedure for state licensing is simplified as much as possible. Moreover, to register a logistics company in the UAE, it is enough to register a virtual office, which significantly reduces all the costs of servicing the company.

Seaports in the UAE are distinguished by their advanced technologies and excellent infrastructure. There are two main seaports among the main shipping routes in the Emirates. These are navigable harbors located in the largest cities of the UAE – Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Seaports in Dubai

Seaports in Dubai

The logistics business in the UAE is growing rapidly, and shipping is no exception. For example, the metropolis of Dubai in a relatively short period of time has become a center of international logistics. Thanks to the growth of the national economy, seaports are equipped with the most modern infrastructure and operate on almost all sea routes.

Seaports of Abu Dhabi

Seaports of Abu Dhabi

Seaports Abu Dhabi The capital of the United Arab Emirates also boasts an excellent seaport infrastructure. The ports of Abu Dhabi are not only represented by modern terminals and unlimited possibilities in terms of logistics, but are also known as a very convenient transit port for various destinations./p>

UAE International Air Freight

UAE International Air Freight

UAE International Air Freight is a very common and convenient type of cargo not only due to the speed of delivery, but also due to the presence of 6 international airports in the country. Air cargo delivery to the UAE, performed at the main airports of the United Arab Emirates: Dubai (Dubai International, DXB), Dubai Al Maktoum (Dubai World Central, Al Maktoum International, DWC), Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi International, AUH), Sharjah ( Sharjah, SHJ).

Urgent delivery and registration of goods is possible through the implementation of international air transportation. A distinctive feature of air delivery of parcels from the UAE is the speed of transportation and relatively low tariffs.

Dubai Airport

Logistics business in the UAE

Speaking of logistics in the UAE, it should be noted that efficient logistics is a key component of the national economy. Powerful transport infrastructure, favorable legislation for foreign economic activity, the ability to easily find the necessary goods at extremely reasonable prices and relatively low customs duties – have made the UAE a real “paradise for businessmen.”

The most modern solutions in the field of warehousing and transport logistics are concentrated in the United Arab Emirates. Developed infrastructure and favorable geographical location have provided the Emirates with the status of the best platform for a variety of export companies.

The transit warehouses of the world’s largest corporations are concentrated in the United Arab Emirates. Today, the UAE is a kind of spiritual center of the Muslim world, and therefore when planning transportation, it is necessary to take into account the national holidays of this country.

Among the main advantages and opportunities of the UAE logistics sector are several key factors, in particular:

  • Ability to implement the most complex solutions in the field of logistics;
  • Optimal types of freight in terms of time and cost efficiency;
  • Effective solutions for shipment, delivery and escort;
  • Ability to use proven chains of warehousing and transportation processes.
Logistics business in the UAE

Given that the United Arab Emirates is an important international transportation hub, opening a logistics company in the UAE means gaining an efficient and constantly evolving business. Your company can be registered in one of the specialized free trade zones that operate in the territory of shipping ports.

Delivery of goods and goods from / to the UAE

Our company offers a full range of services for delivery and customs clearance of goods from the Emirates, which will help you create the most efficient and profitable business. We carry out international transportation, accompanying your cargo all the way.

The services of our company include the organization of sending your cargo and preparing all documents. The cargo is tracked all the way. CargoSupport offers several different freight options from the UAE:

  • air cargo delivery from the UAE by air;
  • sea shipping.

For the delivery of goods from the UAE and the UAE, we attract only reliable airlines that provide transparency, accuracy and speed in the transportation of any type of cargo. To reduce travel time, immediately after release from customs, we organize local delivery by direct cars to any region of Ukraine.

The experience of our company’s specialists, knowledge of all the nuances in sea freight allows us to offer you a full range of logistics services for the delivery of goods from the UAE to Ukraine. Regardless of the choice of delivery method, the high level of service we provide to our customers remains unchanged.

We will be happy to start our cooperation with you and answer any of your questions.


Delivery of goods and goods from / to the UAE

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