International Transportation of Oversized Cargo

International Transportation of Oversized Cargo

International Transportation of Oversized and Heavy Cargoes

International transportation of oversized and heavy cargo is one of the most difficult types of road transport, where special requirements are imposed on each stage of work. In this case, the accuracy of the customer’s fulfillment of the transport order is no less important than the experience of the driver, whom the customer entrusts with complex and expensive goods.

The most common option for transportation of non-standard cargo is road transportation. This is due to the fact that transportation by air, sea or rail is a technically difficult and expensive process.

When transporting oversized cargo, you have to deal with the transportation of objects that have non-standard dimensions, increased weight or have a shifted center of gravity, namely these parameters cause a significant complication of the delivery operation.

Which cargo is considered oversized

Oversized cargo is cargo, physical specifics (dimensions, technical parameters, characteristics) or conditions of carriage of which require the use of a special means and / or method of transportation. Their dimensions exceed the following parameters:

  • in height – more than 4 m;
  • in length – more than 20m (a load overhang of 2m is allowed if the total length does not exceed 20m);
  • in width – more than 2.55m;
  1. Oversized cargo – the dimensions of the goods slightly exceed the dimensions accepted for transportation by standard means of transport. They can be transported without special permits. Their specificity: weight up to 25 tons, length 15-16 meters, width 3.5-4 meters, height up to 3,5 meters.
  2. Long cargo is a type of cargo, the length of which, when loaded into a vehicle, protrudes more than 2 meters beyond the tailgate of the vehicle.
  3. Oversized – such goods are usually characterized by a relatively low weight compared to their huge dimensions, for example, tanks, boilers, building elements. Planning and special permits are required as they require multiple lanes and / or bypassing overpasses or level crossings.
  4. Heavy – exceeding the axle load or the maximum permitted weight prescribed in the regulations.

Oversized cargo includes

  • heavy construction, road and mining equipment (excavators, bulldozers, cranes, asphalt pavers, etc.);
    Transportation of construction equipment
  • agricultural machinery (tractors, combines, seeders, etc.);
  • wind farms and other energy solutions;
  • water craft (yachts, boats);
    Boat transportation
  • production lines and industrial equipment;
  • tanks, building elements of warehouses or workshops;
    Transportation of tanks
  • steel structures, beams, tanks, pipes.
    Transportation of oversized cargo by car

Features of transportation of oversized cargo

Transportation of oversized cargo

Oversized cargo is defined as cargo, the length, width or height of which exceeds the standard dimensions allowed for transportation. But even within the framework of one mode of transport, there is no single concept for the definition of large-sized heavy cargo, which is related to the capabilities of vehicles and road parts.

Due to the regulations of some European countries, the standard kit dimensions are 16.5 x 2.5 x 4.0 m = 38.0 t. Any deviation from even one of the parameters may require a different approach in organizing transportation: obtaining a special permit, ensuring driving safety, road communication adaptation.

For example, in France there are no strict height restrictions, but there is a restriction on the width of goods that can be transported without obtaining a special permit on highways – 3 m. The solution is to draw up a route bypassing the highway, but with the necessary accompanying road surface, which costs a lot of money.

In Germany the critical height is 4.50 m, and the calculation is centimeters. If the cargo protrudes at least 5 cm, it is likely that it will take months to obtain a permit, the transport route may increase by hundreds of kilometers, it is highly likely that the route will pass through other countries, which will require additional approvals and permits, which increases the cost somewhat times, taking into account the downtime of equipment.

You should also take into account the weight of the cargo, which can change your requirements for choosing a vehicle and route, especially in Ukraine and other countries of the former CIS, where the main bridges and roads were built in 1960s, and even the strongest of them are not designed for loads more than 80.0 t.

Transportation of road equipment

All the features of the transportation of all types of goods in all countries, probably, cannot be contained in any reliable information, especially since they cannot be presented in several points. However, the experience gained by our company in the market is a guarantee that your atypical cargo will be delivered on time and without damage from point A to point B.

One of the directions of our activity is the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, for which the specialists of the Cargo Support company develop a project for the transportation of non-standard cargo, lay out the route and carry out high-quality transportation.

Oversized cargo transportation price

When working with oversized cargo, there are no unnecessary details, each of which can affect the final price. Each bulky or heavy cargo requires an individual approach, therefore, only after filling out an application indicating the dimensions, weight of the cargo, loading and unloading points, related services necessary for the client and other necessary parameters, our specialists will be able to offer you the most favorable conditions of transportation at the most affordable price.

We can ensure that transport cost optimization is one of our top priorities. For the same purpose, for the transportation of certain types of agricultural and construction equipment, we use special types of low-loader semitrailers with recesses for the wheels of the transported equipment, which allows us to avoid exceeding the height norm, and thereby save the customer’s money. For advice on the international transportation of oversized and heavy cargo, please contact our specialists. We will help you develop a route, save your time and money.


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