Freight transport from San Marino

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Freight transport from San Marino

Freight transport from San Marino

Located in Southern Europe, the Republic of San Marino is one of the smallest countries in the world. Located in Southern Europe, surrounded on all sides by the territory of Italy. This is the oldest state in Europe, it is not a member of either NATO, or EU , it uses the Euro as its monetary system. The population of the state — just over 33,000 people . Tourism plays a significant role in the country’s economy: about 2 million tourists visit the country every year. San Marino’s economy was based on agriculture.

The main export positions of this state are wine, building stone, grain crops and other agricultural products. Even the railway service is practically not used in the country. So what is the best way to transport from San Marino – to use road transport. The need for transportation from San Marino is great. This is due to the good demand for goods that can be imported from there.

How to organize the transportation of San Marino

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Company CargoSupport offers delivery of goods to San Marino by road and air. For this, vehicles of various sizes and purposes are usually used. Freight transport from San Marino includes not only personal belongings or household appliances, but also general and groupage cargo, non-standard goods. Efficient logistics makes it possible to significantly reduce energy costs and ensure significant cost savings. Delivery of goods from San Marino is carried out according to the same algorithm as in other countries, with the exception of some points.

It should be noted that if the customer is located in another country, then it is necessary to find transport that is geographically closer to San Marino in order to optimize transportation costs. We deliver all types of cargo and guarantee the delivery time of services and low prices!
Regardless of whether our client is a large company or an individual, the company’s managers will faithfully control every step of the delivery process and the correct preparation of documentation. We always try to foresee in advance the most difficult moments that may arise during transportation from San Marino. For detailed information on cargo transportation from Europe, prices, terms of delivery of goods, you can contact us by phone.


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