Transportation of goods from Albania

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Transportation of goods from Albania


Albania is considered a moderately developed agro-industrial country. The leading branch of the economy of this state is — agriculture.

There are oil refineries and metalworking plants in the country, the metalworking industry, mechanical engineering, textile, food, footwear, chemical, woodworking industries are developed.

Tyrant — capital and largest city Albania, is the administrative center. A significant part of the country’s industrial production is concentrated in Tirana.

Карта Албании

Foodstuffs, jerseys, mineral fuels, footwear, recording equipment and other goods are imported from Albania.

Freight transport from / to Albania

Company«CargoSupport» performs delivery of goods from Albania. Transportation is carried out by sea, road and air.

We undertake the full range of services, including customs clearance. The most demanded and convenient way of delivery of goods & ndash; road transport from Albania. The managers who work in our company will competently and quickly select a transport option for you and solve all the problems of organizing cargo transportation. We work not only with legal entities, but also with individuals for cargo transportation from Albania. Freight transport by road is carried out from Tirana. The cost of transportation of goods from Albania to Ukraine is determined individually for each application. We are ready to deliver goods of various types, even within a limited time frame.

Transportation of goods from Albania

The technological process of cargo transportation from Albania, as in other directions, implies the implementation of a huge number of operations, which may slightly differ depending on the rolling stock involved in transportation. Oversized cargo from Albania is transported in semi-trailers or containers. If you need to deliver perishable goods, then either a refrigerator or an insulated body is used for transportation from Albania. Our company is a reliable forwarder for export and import to and from Albania. Call us, we will be glad to any cooperation.


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