Transportation of goods from Germany

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Transportation of goods from Germany

Frankfurt am Main

Transportation of goods from Germany is in great demand for a number of reasons. Thanks to the quality of trade and transport infrastructure, this country took 1st place in the logistics efficiency index. Until recently, Germany was the world leader in exports.

Cars and parts, industrial equipment, chemical and pharmaceutical products are imported from Germany.

Transport logistics in Germany

Thanks to a modern system of transport links, as well as the presence of an extensive network of international airports, Germany provides convenient access to international markets.

In addition, the country’s authorities are constantly investing in programs for the development of the logistics and transportation industry. Germany holds the leading position among European countries through which more goods pass through than any other and it owns about a quarter of the pan-European logistics market.

Seaport of Hamburg

Seaport of Hamburg

The seaport of Hamburg, where the largest container terminal in Europe is located, occupies an important place in the infrastructure of Germany. Port of Hamburg – the second largest container port in Europe after Rotterdam. It is attractive primarily as a container, due to its geographical location.

The main cities of the start of road transportation
  • Berlin;
  • Hamburg;
  • Frankfurt;
  • Essen;
  • Cologne;
  • Dresden;
  • Munich;

How to organize road freight from Germany

Transportation of goods from Germany to Ukraine

Company «CargoSupport» offers road transportation of goods from Germany to Ukraine: groupage, dangerous, perishable, oversized and special equipment.

Years of experience and knowledge of the specifics of the market of our forwarders have led to quality services and professional service for each client.

We deliver goods for

Individual entrepreneurs
Legal entities
Private persons

Thanks to numerous partnerships, we can guarantee competitive prices and the use of innovative technological systems that increase the efficiency of freight forwarding.

Fast terms of transportation of goods from Germany to Ukraine, favorable prices and experienced personnel ready to take on even the most complex logistics tasks.
Customers value international transportation with CargoSupport primarily for:

  • High security.
  • Full logistic support & mdash; we assign a separate manager for each order.
  • Timely delivery of goods & mdash; we are always in touch, always on time.
  • Possibility to negotiate the terms of cooperation & mdash; adapting to expectations.
  • Our employees make every effort to ensure the highest level of cargo transportation from Germany.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us by phone or email.


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