Transportation of goods from Austria

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Transportation of goods from Austria

Transportation of goods from Austria

Austria – this is a country that can rightfully be attributed to the most developed states. The Austrian economy is booming due to this cargo transportation from Austria — always in demand direction. The country has established reliable trade relations with more than one hundred and fifty powers. The capital of Austria is Vienna – one of the most developed European cities in terms of infrastructure and connects Austria with the whole of Europe.

Heavy industry products (ferrous metals, equipment, machine tools, household chemicals) and consumer goods (food, textiles) are imported from Austria.

Vienna - Capital of Austria

Features of road transport in Austria

  • There are a large number of territories in the country where the passage of freight transport is prohibited or limited by a certain time.
  • Austria is prohibited from using video recorders.
  • The specificity of the Austrian landscape with an abundance of mountain roads, tunnels, and frequent thick fogs complicates road transport.
  • Austria has 18 Autobahns which have a total length of 1720 km and are located throughout the country. The speed limit for them is 130 km / h.
  • Features of road transport in Austria

    How to organize road freight from Austria

    Company CargoSuppor carries out international cargo transportation from Austria to any city in Europe at the request of the client on the basis of «door-to-door»,by air, sea or land by various means of transport.

    We deliver Austrian cargo for any purpose: groupage, hazardous, perishable, oversized. To reduce transport costs, our specialists carefully develop freight routes and provide full logistics support.

    Delivery takes place from any cargo from Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and other cities in Austria. With us, you can quickly order the delivery of goods from Austria, receive it in the desired place and on time.

    The roads in Austria

    The cost of transportation of goods from Austria is determined individually for each application. We are ready to deliver goods of various types, even within a limited time frame.

    Experts will successfully solve the most difficult problems in the field of delivery. Choosing our company, you can be sure of safe delivery of goods from Austria with a minimum amount of costs.

    Our services

    Road freight transportAir freightCustoms clearance

    Our employees draw up a full package of necessary documents that allow you to freely go through customs control and move through the transit territory.

    Our company is a reliable forwarder for export and import to and from Austria. Call us, we will be glad to any cooperation.


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