Trucking from Portugal

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Trucking from Portugal


Portugal — a highly developed European country located in the western part of Southern Europe, on the outskirts of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the westernmost country in Europe. From the north and east, it borders with Spain, and from the west and south with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. This country also includes two archipelagos: the Azores and Madeira.

Portugal is a member of the European Union and NATO. Lisbon – the westernmost capital of Europe, the largest city in the country and the main port. Due to the prevailing climate, wealth of tourist attractions and geographic location, the main source of GDP is trade and tourism services.

The main manufacturing industries are metallurgy and mechanical engineering, chemical and oil refining industries, clothing and textiles. The developed infrastructure is represented by an extensive network of roads with good coverage, so road transport accounts for most of all deliveries.

Most often from Portugal products of the local clothing and textile industries, as well as fish are exported, wine, olive oil, shoes, clothing and equipment. The most popular routes for the trucking from Portugal from:

  • Lisbon;
  • Porto;
  • Coimbra;
  • Braga;
  • Evora.

Features of the organization of cargo transportation from Portugal

Trucking from Portugal

The determining factor when organizing trucking from Portugal is a long distance, while crossing the borders of several European countries at once (Spain, France, Germany, Poland).

That is why working with this direction requires route optimization and high-quality planning. In addition, the complexity of transportation to Portugal is affected by customs clearance (for delivery between these countries it is necessary to cross several countries at once, and each of them has its own rules for processing documents).

CargoSupport specialists provide high-quality delivery of any type of cargo from Portugal. Cooperation with leading European agencies allows us to guarantee timely and full compensation in case of loss or damage to products on the way.

The experienced and qualified team of our company strives to ensure that each order is carried out professionally, safely and in the shortest possible time. We know all the nuances that need to be taken into account when organizing delivery to Portugal & mdash; this allows us to significantly reduce the delivery time of the goods, as well as make the transportation process more reliable and safe.

Organization of international cargo transportation

We approach each project individually, guided by two priorities: an attractive price and the shortest terms for the provision of freight forwarding services.

Relying on the experience and competence of the team, we can guarantee that every, even the most unusual order will be executed efficiently and at an affordable price.

Years of experience and knowledge of the specifics of the market of our forwarders have led to quality services and professional service for each client.

We deliver goods for

Individual entrepreneurs
Legal entities
Private persons

We resolve all issues so that your business is 100% protected and transportation goes smoothly. Sending your consignments by road, we carefully plan everything and constantly monitor the entire logistics process. To calculate the cost of delivery of goods from Portugal or back, contact us in any way convenient for you (phone, e-mail).

Our specialists will consult for free and help you choose the best option for transporting your cargo. If you need to quickly, efficiently, with a guarantee of safety to deliver goods from Portugal or any other EU country, then we are ready to provide all the necessary assistance in this.


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