Trucking from Poland

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Trucking from Poland

Trucking from Poland

Poland – one of the largest countries of the European continent with a developed economy. Industry and agriculture are well developed in the country.

The Polish economy in recent years has been demonstrating one of the highest rates of development in Europe. In contrast to the smaller European countries in terms of population, the increase in the development of the Polish economy over the past years is domestic demand.

Transport logistics in Poland

Transport logistics in Poland
Through this state, not only Polish goods are imported. Poland is the main transit country – The logistics hub, where goods made in Europe are consolidated.

Large flow of goods from neighboring Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, Austria goes to Poland and from where they go to the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia.

Poland has a well-developed road network, and the proximity of European capitals contributes to an increase in the number of foreign economic transactions.

Warehouse in Poland
In all major cities Poland warehouse infrastructure and transport logistics specialized in handling export and import goods.

The favorable geographical position of Poland and the high level of economic development make it the most attractive for business and partnerships. Polish customs legislation regulates and clearly regulates the procedure for transportation of personal belongings

Transportation of personal belongings to Poland

Trucking from Poland and trucking to Poland is a popular direction in demand by many entrepreneurs. The main cargo traffic falls on trucking, and urgent cargoes are sent from the airports of Warsaw, Wroclaw and Gdansk .

Air transportation – the fastest and most reliable way to deliver goods from Poland, but given the close distance of the countries and the high cost of this service, this delivery method occupies a small share of the freight transport market from Poland.

Goods from Poland are in great demand, they can be found in shops, retail chains and markets, and their can be transported in a matter of days and therefore the delivery of Polish goods to Ukraine is now in demand among small and medium-sized business owners.

Automobile plant in Poland

The popularity of Polish products is due to a number of reasons:

  • low cost of goods with good quality;
  • fast delivery times;
  • inexpensive transportation cost;
  • application of modern technologies in production, allowing Polish manufacturers to compete in the market for similar equipment and goods.

What goods are delivered from Poland

Spare parts, details

Spare parts, details

Industrial equipment

Industrial equipment









Due to the close location of the borders, transportation of goods from Poland is possible at minimum lines and by optimal price, especially for goods requiring specific conditions of transportation, such as perishable goods.

Fast, inexpensive and high-quality delivery of goods from Poland

Trucking from Poland

Our company offers high-quality, inexpensive cargo transportation from Poland . We deliver goods in different ways: ✈️by air and 🚛 by road. In cases where air traffic is used to deliver goods, the client will receive the goods within three days.

We offer favorable conditions for delivery of goods from Poland. In any of the ways, we guarantee our clients, in addition to high-quality and timely delivery, full information and legal support.

Delivery prices depend on such indicators as: weight, dimensions, quantity, cost, distance from the pick-up point to the unloading point.

«CargoSupport» organizes cargo transportation from:
  • Warsaw,
  • Gdansk,
  • Krakow,
  • Wroclaw,
  • Poznan,
  • Lublin and other cities in Poland.

We deliver goods for

Individual entrepreneurs
Legal entities
Private persons

Our logisticians will develop the optimal delivery route and select the appropriate transport that will satisfy the features and parameters of the cargo being transported.

The main principles of our work are

Organization of an optimal logistics system for each transportation. When planning a route, we strive to anticipate all possible difficulties and think over the ways of their solution in advance so that nothing affects the speed of delivery. Managers will select specialized vehicles that will match the characteristics and dimensions of your cargo. In each case, we select the optimal and cost-effective route.

Low prices for road transportation from Poland. For cargo transportation from Poland, the price is more than affordable. The cost of the services of transportation of goods from Poland that our company provides is quite democratic, and the level of quality and safety of transportation is very high. CargoSupport specialists will carry out the transportation of goods from Poland with minimal costs and in the shortest possible time!

Transportation with additional cargo using free space in a passing car Doogruz is a widespread service that will allow you to deliver cargo from 100 kilograms to several tons with associated vehicles. For this, loads of different weights are combined in one vehicle. The cost of such transportation will be much less than renting a whole car.

Tracking trucking. For people who are used to keeping our finger on the pulse, we provide all the necessary information for the movement of cargo at all stages of transportation.

Free consulting support on delivery from Poland to Ukraine. Our managers will answer all your questions.

Customs clearance of goods from Poland . Polish legislation has its own nuances, which are important to consider when processing customs declarations.

Cargo safety guarantee. In cooperation with our company, you can be sure that the goods will arrive at their destination safe and sound.

We will develop the most optimal and cost-effective route. We exercise strict control over the document flow and ensure maximum optimization of the developed route.

Individual approach. We are always ready to offer a proven transportation scheme, and, if necessary, we will develop an optimal route based on the client’s requirements and the nature of the cargo.

Contact us, and our managers will answer all your questions, explain in detail the procedure for the transportation of goods. With us, cargo transportation will take place quickly, efficiently and on time.


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