Trucking from Switzerland

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Trucking from Switzerland

Trucking from Switzerland

Switzerland — one of the most developed and richest countries in the world. It is distinguished by a stable economy, a high level of income of the population, a developed industry and transport infrastructure. It ranks first or closest on a number of international indicators, including economic competitiveness and human development. This country lacks significant mineral reserves.

Switzerland – a small country lost in the hinterland of Europe, which is famous for its products of the highest quality.

In this state, there is a maximum concentration of enterprises that are engaged in the production of products such as pharmaceuticals, jewelry, fertilizers and, of course, watches.


Switzerland — one of the most important banking and financial centers in the world. Swiss banks account for 35-40% of global property and property management of individuals and legal entities. Switzerland is a landlocked country, therefore, sea transportation is not applicable for the carriage of goods from it. Automobile and air transport, or a combination of several of them, are actively used.

Delivery of goods to Switzerland by air and from Switzerland

Transportation of goods from Switzerland by plane

Cargo transportation by air — the fastest and most reliable way to deliver goods from Switzerland. Despite the high cost of transportation, the air delivery method is chosen when you need to transport valuable, fragile, or perishable goods. In this case, you can save money by achieving a slight difference in price between air and road delivery methods. Our company organizes delivery from a warehouse in Switzerland and Germany.

Switzerland Airport

Delivery of goods from Switzerland by air from the international Geneva or Zurich airport can be carried out:

  • Direct flight. Provides a speed advantage.
  • By connecting flight through the «hub» in Frankfurt. Provides a price advantage.

Freight transport by road from Switzerland

Freight transport by road from Switzerland

Transportation of goods from Switzerland by road – the fastest and most flexible way to deliver goods. It is easy to arrange door-to-door transportation by road.

Road transportation from Switzerland has its own characteristics that affect the tariff, speed and quality of transportation. The load is carried in one van and does not require reloading when changing the tractor.

Switzerland has a ban on traffic at night with vehicles weighing more than 3.5 t, special restrictions apply when transporting dangerous goods through tunnels.

When entering Switzerland, the driver must declare:

  • mileage by tachograph,
  • maximum permitted trailer weight.
Fast delivery of groupage cargo

Carriage of goods from Switzerland by road is the most common option, the advantages of which are & mdash; availability, flexibility, maneuverability, dynamism, a wide range of transportation routes.

Transportation of goods from Switzerland

Freight transport from Switzerland

Company«CargoSupport» carries out transportation of goods from Switzerland and back by air and road.

We will provide an impeccable service, a full range of transport services and customs clearance, we provide a range of individual solutions that can satisfy literally all customer requirements.

We will deliver small consignments of goods as groupage cargo from Switzerland through our consolidation points in Europe, while we provide door-to-door delivery.

The correct choice of transport significantly reduces the cost of transporting goods. The calculation of the cost of delivery of the goods largely depends on this.

We cooperate with reliable shipping companies, thanks to which our clients are spared the problems associated with delayed deliveries.

Why is it worth working with us

Our company offers a full range of services in the field of cargo transportation to Switzerland and from Switzerland. Excellent service and professionalism of the staff is guaranteed to ensure the safe delivery of your cargo. We consider every application from our clients for the transportation of cargo with special attention.

On-time delivery according to time

timely deliveries according to the terms specified in the contract

Cargo integrity guarantee

cargo integrity guarantee

Loyal pricing and affordable rates

loyal pricing and affordable rates

If you need to quickly, efficiently, with a guarantee of safety to deliver goods from Switzerland or any other EU country, then we are ready to provide all the necessary assistance in this.

By concluding an agreement with our company, you receive professional assistance on the most favorable terms, acquire a conscientious and reliable partner who will fulfill the assumed responsibility transportation from Europe and a convenient program of comprehensive transport services in the field freight traffic.

We deliver goods for

Individual entrepreneurs
Legal entities
Private persons

Our experts will help you as soon as possible to carry out delivery of goods from Switzerland, choose the best mode of transport, if necessary, arrange for shipping and customs documents in Switzerland, as well as arrange insurance for your cargo.

By contacting us, you get a high level of logistics services , an individual approach and conscientious work of our specialists at affordable competitive prices.


Switzerland is one of the richest countries in the world