Transportation of goods from Luxembourg

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Transportation of goods from Luxembourg


On the border between France и Germany s a small state Luxembourg. It is a highly developed industrial country, whose economy is dominated by foreign capital (French, Belgian, etc.). In terms of production, including per capita, it belongs to the leading countries of Western Europe. A good infrastructure, despite its small size, allows organizing a large volume of cargo traffic.

Luxembourg’s economy is in the closest dependence on the external market. The favorable geographical position influenced the active development of trade relations between the countries of the world, including Ukraine, therefore delivery of goods from Luxembourg is in demand. Duchy capital — Luxembourg City — an important transport hub, where eight highways and five railway lines converge. Most often, delivery of electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical products, earthenware products is carried out from Luxembourg.

Freight transport from / to Luxembourg

Transportation of goods from Luxembourg

The CargoSupport company delivers goods from Luxembourg and vice versa. We are pleased to offer comprehensive services for delivery and customs clearance of any cargo from Luxembourg. Our staff will help you optimize the transportation route. We monitor the delivery on a daily basis and control each direction of transportation.

The term and cost of services for international transportation and delivery of goods from Luxembourg to Ukraine or from Ukraine to Luxembourg in our company is calculated individually depending on: route, type of transport, weight and dimensions of the cargo! The cost of transportation includes all transportation costs to the consignee’s warehouse, the responsibility of the transport company.

Our specialists successfully carry out cargo transportation of any level of complexity and many years of professional experience in the transport industry. Professional logisticians will plan the optimal scheme for the transportation of your cargo. There is no doubt that the cargo will be delivered intact and safe, to the agreed place. In any situation, we calculate everything a few steps ahead & ndash; this is the key to our success in the transportation of goods from Luxembourg.

If you need to quickly, efficiently, with a guarantee of safety to deliver goods from Luxembourg or any other EU country, then we are ready to provide all the necessary assistance in this.


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