Transportation of goods from Finland

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Transportation of goods from Finland

Transportation of goods from Finland

Finland — a country in Northern Europe in the east and south borders on Russia, in the north — with Norway, and in the west — with Sweden.

Almost a third of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle, but thanks to the influence of the warm Gulf Stream, the climate here is mild, temperate continental. More than 70% of Finland’s territory is covered by forests.

The entire territory of the country is covered by a network of excellent roads, which allows you to easily get from one point of the country to another.

Capital FinlandHelsinki is the largest city, as well as a center of culture, education and science. It is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland and is an important transport hub.

Since Finland is a transit country, cargoes arriving in containers by sea from other countries can be transported by road to their destination in Ukraine.

Finnish exports are based on timber, foodstuffs, cosmetics, engineering products, electronics.

Winter in Finland

This country has a regular car ferry service with Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Germany and Russia, which makes it possible to organize delivery through these countries.

Today many companies offer transportation from Finland as a service, but not all can provide a truly full and high-quality service in this direction.

Finnish customs

Finnish customs officer

Finnish customs has quite broad powers, where its employees can act as representatives of the local administration.

Any, even minor, violations in the paperwork may entail the imposition of a large fine and even the seizure of the cargo. Finland, even in comparison with other EU countries, is considered as the country with the lowest level of corruption and the highest level of law enforcement.

Air freight Finland

Helsinki airport

The Finnish capital airport Vantaa got its double name on the basis of its territorial characteristics. It is located in the suburbs of the Finnish capital Vantaa. Serves about 90% of all international air traffic of the country, is a hub for the national air carrier Finavia.

Helsinki Airport has been designed specifically for flights between Asia and Europe and is regularly recognized as one of the most convenient airports.

Air delivery from Finland – the fastest way to transport goods. Delivery time will be minimal, but shipping costs are higher compared to road transportation.

Modern transport logistics, taking into account a large number of nuances, made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the process of air delivery, including air cargo transportation.

Company CargoSupport provides air delivery services from Finland of all types of cargo.

We work with private and corporate customers and offer solutions based on experience and rationalism, which guarantees our clients the best prices for air delivery of goods from Finland.

Air freight from Finland
We are doing
  • terminal services at the airport;
  • decoration AWB (airway bill);
  • control of compliance of customs and transport documents;
  • the possibility of customs clearance and the issuance of additional documents;
  • we provide local delivery service from the airport.
  • Delivery of groupage cargo from Finland

    Sometimes you need to transport a small cargo from Finland to Ukraine, but a separate car will be very expensive.

    Groupage cargo delivery from Finland greatly simplifies the tracking process, and also reduces transport costs, which in turn has a positive effect on the cost   of the delivery itself.

    This makes it possible to pay for only part of the space in the container (truck), saving significant funds. Since it takes time to form a batch of groupage cargo from Finland, the delivery time increases, but this minus is compensated by the customer’s savings.

    We offer delivery of groupage cargo from all regions of Finland: transportation from Kotka, Helsinki, Hamina and so on.

    Fast delivery of groupage cargo

    Our specialists will deliver any cargo and provide all related services, starting from the consolidation of groupage cargo.

    When planning a route, we necessarily calculate the options for the congestion of various routes and choose the best path. Our goods have the necessary documents and pass customs control without delay.

    Peculiarities of cargo transportation from Finland

    Features of transportation of goods from Finland
    The most important key point in the delivery of cargo is well-written accompanying documents.

    We undertake to make every effort to provide you with the most favorable option for cargo transportation from Finland, taking into account all possible difficulties of cargo transportation and will offer options for their solution.

    All transportation is carried out by special transport under the clear guidance of experienced personnel.   We will provide an impeccable service, a full range of transport services and customs clearance, we provide a range of individual solutions that can literally satisfy all customer requirements.

    We deliver goods for

    Individual entrepreneurs
    Legal entities
    Private persons

    Our team of logistics specialists will offer you a solution tailored to your needs. To find out the preliminary cost of cargo transportation from Finland, please contact us in any way convenient for you.

    Our logisticians can perform a preliminary calculation for you upon request, which will allow to plan your budget in advance.