Transportation of goods from Greece

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Transportation of goods from Greece

Флаг Греции

Greece is located on the Balkan Peninsula, washed by the Aegean, Thracian, Ionian, Mediterranean and Cretan seas. A large number of various goods are produced here, which are subsequently exported to different countries of the world. Greece is included in the list of the Balkan countries and borders on land with states such as Turkey, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia и Albania.

Due to its advantageous location at a strategically important intersection of European and Asian traffic flows, it puts this country in a very advantageous position in international trade.


In addition, this industrial-agrarian state is a major supplier of a wide variety of high quality products, which are in demand, including among our compatriots.

Most often they are brought from Greece: equipment, food and beverages, industrial goods, petroleum products, chemicals, textiles. It is advisable to select the methods of transportation of goods depending on their dimensions, urgency of the order and financial resources.

Trucking from Greece

Trucking from Greece

We provide safe transportation from Greece and vice versa. Our employees draw up all the necessary documents for a quick passage through the European territory and customs control.

If your cargo is of a small volume, then it can be delivered as part of a consolidated cargo. Freight transportation by road is usually used to send perishable, groupage and other types of cargo.

Groupage cargo Greece

Delivery of your cargo as part of a groupage will significantly reduce your costs due to consolidation & ndash; the process of completing a truck with loads of several customers. The final price depends on the urgency, the exact route, the type and quantity of goods, as well as the order of additional services (forwarding, storage, customs clearance, etc.). Groupage shipments, as a rule, take a little longer than shipments carried by a separate vehicle.

Freight transport from / to Greece

We will select the most favorable route for the customer for a specific cargo, help save on delivery and ensure the safety of shipments along the entire route of transportation.

A company specialist will contact you to clarify the details, offer all possible shipping options and make a competent calculation.

Transportation of goods and cargo is carried out in the shortest possible time, with high quality and at the most affordable price! Call us, we will be glad to any cooperation.


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