Freight transport from Romania

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Freight transport from Romania

Freight transport from Romania

Romania is located in the east of the Balkan Peninsula and washed by the Black Sea. It borders Moldova, Hungary, Serbia and Bulgaria. Romania — not the largest or famous country in Europe, but is included in the Top 10 EU countries in terms of GDP and its economy has been dynamically developing in recent years. The most important sectors of the Romanian economy are mining, metallurgy, mechanical engineering and tourism.

The country’s favorable location in relation to the Balkan countries makes it a convenient transit point for the movement of European goods. The capital and largest city of Romania — Bucharest, followed by Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Iasi, Constant, Craiova and Brasov. The country itself also produces quite a lot of goods for export.

Romania customs

Features of road transport of goods in Romania

Перевозка грузов в Romania is carried out on the basis of the relevant documents, the most important of which is a correctly completed CMR. It is very important to fill out the form carefully, where you must, among other things, provide with the exact details of the target company that picks up the goods. Without this information, the cargo will not enter Romania.

It is important to note that each shipment must always be the result of a previously signed contract between a Romanian and a foreign company. As evidence of the conclusion of a contract with a Romanian entrepreneur, a contract or a signed invoice can be used (pro forma invoice is not enough).

Romania customs

It should be noted that it is not necessary to present such documents from the driver, they can be classified. In addition to the carriage permit, CMR and confirmation of the contract with the Romanian contractor, the driver must have basic documents proving his identity, as well as the driver’s license.

In Romania, the inspection authorities attach great importance to the equipment of the truck. There should be a warning triangle, first aid kit and reflective vest. In addition, during the check, a tachograph legalization certificate in the form of an A4 sheet is required. If the required transportation conditions are not met, for example, regarding dimensions or weight, or inspectors find that the CMR is not filled in correctly, the goods may be confiscated. At the moment, Romanian laws are very strict.

If an item is confiscated, it is unlikely that it will be returned. The shipping company has 15 days to appeal the decision in a court that has jurisdiction over this territory, but the chances of getting the shipment back are slim. In addition, confiscated goods become the property of the state treasury and after a short period of time are put up for auction.

How to order freight transport from Romania

How to order freight transport from Romania

Company «CargoSupport» provides international transportation services around the world, including the delivery of goods from Romania, offering each client efficiency, complete safety of cargo and the most favorable tariffs.

Road transportation from Romania starts from the cities: Bucharest, Iasi, Brasov, Constanta and others. We deliver dangerous, oversized, refrigerated and other cargo and ensure compliance with all relevant standards.

Types of freight

Auto delivery is the most popular, as roads in Romania and transit countries comply with European standards. For the convenience of customers, there is an option to track shipments along the entire route.

We also offer you to use our customs clearance services   cargo from Romania when importing and exporting to Romania.

We work with individuals and organizations of any form of ownership, including on a regular basis. Our employees will make every effort to organize the delivery of goods to Romania.

We deliver goods for

Individual entrepreneurs
Legal entities
Private persons

An individual approach to pricing and the choice of suitable transportation methods allows you to reduce costs.

If you need to quickly, efficiently, with a guarantee of safety to deliver goods from Romania or any other EU country, then we are ready to provide all the necessary assistance in this.