Transportation of goods from Malta

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Transportation of goods from Malta


Malta – an island located in the heart of the Mediterranean. It occupies an island archipelago, consisting of three inhabited islands & ndash; Malta, Gozo and Camino, as well as small islands and rock formations.

Modern Malta is famous for a well-developed industrial and agricultural area. The economy of this country, heavily dependent on tourism, has an industrial bias.

The most developed spheres are industry, trade, services and financial services. Among the emerging industries in Malta & ndash; electronics. External economic relations for the most part are focused on the countries of the European Union, as well as United States of America.

The republic produces a lot of high-quality goods of interest to domestic consumers. Transport infrastructure in Malta is quite well developed. The country’s external economy is aimed at attracting foreign investment to its territory. Modern Malta is highly dependent on imports of engineering products, minerals, food. About 60% of all exports from Malta are semiconductor products, pharmaceutical products, electrical machines, food additives, textiles are also supplied from the island.

How to organize cargo transportation from Malta

How to organize cargo transportation from Malta

Company «CargoSupport» provides freight services from Malta and back to Malta.

The cost of transportation includes all transportation costs to the consignee’s warehouse, transportation insurance, and the liability of the transport company. We draw up all the necessary transport documents for all types and groups of goods, provide customs clearance of goods.

Transportation of goods from Malta includes not only personal belongings or household appliances, but also general and groupage cargo, non-standard goods. Careful monitoring of the movement of cargo allows you to ensure its safety and compliance with the terms in accordance with the terms of the contract. The items will arrive at the appointed place without delay, without damage and with correct documentation.

We deliver all categories of complete and groupage cargo & ndash; whether general, perishable, hazardous or fragile, temperature, etc.

Contact us and you will make sure from your personal experience that working with us is really convenient, simple and profitable!


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