Transportation of goods from Andorra

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Transportation of goods from Andorra

Transportation of goods from Andorra

Andorra — it is a small but at the same time highly developed European country. There are reserves of lead, iron ore, hydropower resources, forests, well-developed agriculture. One of the most significant sectors of the Andorran economy is the production of electricity. Andorra is also interesting as a tourist shopping. This is due to the fact that there are no customs duties on many products in this country.

В стране производят качественную продукцию, а стоимость доставки окупается за счет низкой стоимости товаров производимых в стране. Recently, cargo transportation in Andorra has become popular, given that that the region is entering a new industrial zone, increasing supplies to the rest of the world.

The imported products include: foodstuffs, foodstuffs and other goods. Andorra has no airports or railways. There is only road transport. Traffic rules in the country regulate the transportation of oversized cargo, taking into account movement at low speeds.

Freight transport from / to Andorra

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Clients of our organization can use such a service as cargo transportation to Andorra, as well as cargo transportation from Andorra. The cost of transportation includes all transportation costs to the consignee’s warehouse, transportation insurance, the responsibility of the transport company. Moving to your cargo will take less time, and the costs will be much less than if you order transport located in the country where the recipient of the cargo is located.

For those who decide to contact our company, a full range of services is guaranteed, including the services of a customs broker.

If you need to quickly, efficiently, with a guarantee of safety to deliver goods from Andorra or any other EU country, then we are ready to provide all the necessary assistance in this.


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