Transportation of goods from Belgium

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Transportation of goods from Belgium


The Kingdom of Belgium is located in Western Europe. It covers an area of 30.5 thousand square kilometers. The total population of Belgium is 11.6 million. Capital – Brussels.

By the form of government Belgium — constitutional parliamentary monarchy. The standard of living here is approaching a prosperous Switzerland.

Belgium – a country with an actively developing industrial complex, with a well-developed transport infrastructure, with large cities and ports of international importance, where almost half of Belgian products are exported.

The industrial regions of Belgium are concentrated around the capital and in Flanders and closer to the north of the country. Other significant from the point of view of industry and trade cities of Belgium – Bruges, Mons, Hasselt, Roubaix.

The main industries are the production of glass products, metal, machine tools and equipment, chemical products, etc.

Every day Belgium produces over 4 thousand tons of glass, and every fifth car in Europe is equipped with Belgian glass.
Main export items:

  • machinery and equipment;
  • metal products;
  • chemical products;
  • diamonds;
  • food;

Features of freight transport in Belgium

Autobahns of Belgium

Belgium has a well-developed transport infrastructure, which ranks first in the world. All major cities in the country are connected by a network of autobahns.

About 300 million tons of cargo are transported annually by road freight transport. Cargo transportation from Belgium is also possible by water; it is by sea that the bulk of the country’s export-import cargo transportation is carried out.

Antwerp is one of the largest ports in the world in terms of cargo turnover in Europe, about 200 million tons of cargo per year pass through it. There is a large airport in the city of Liege – an important transport hub for air freight to Belgium.

the port of Antwerp in Belgium

Freight transport from / to Belgium

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Transportation of goods from Belgium

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