Transportation of goods from Liechtenstein

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Transportation of goods from Liechtenstein

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Liechtenstein is a dwarf state and has access to limited reserves of natural resources; nevertheless, it is considered an economically developed industrial country that succeeds in market trade and guarantees its citizens a decent standard of living. This country is located in the Upper Rhine Valley of the European Alps and is bordered in the east by Austria and in the west with Switzerland. A fairly large contribution to the development of the economy is brought by the tourism sector.

Today Liechtenstein is home to 38,000 people, most of whom work in the service sector , approximately 38% of the population is employed in industry and commerce, which is a very high figure. This country is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic dentures, as well as surgical instruments and equipment used for the manufacture of jewelry, electronics and microelectronics.

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How to organize a trucking from Liechtenstein

Every entrepreneur who starts a business partnership with foreign companies has a need for transportation. One of the most popular destinations now is international freight transport from Liechtenstein.

Company «CargoSupport» provides services of cargo transportation by road and air transport from Liechtenstein and in the opposite direction to Liechtenstein.

If you want to improve your transport logistics system and are currently planning large-scale projects, then our company can become a reliable partner in the field of transport and logistics services. Particular attention is paid to the safety of the transported cargo. Company managers find solutions to the most difficult issues with maximum benefit for clients. The competence of the staff includes customs clearance and other necessary additional options. We deliver all types of goods, including oversized, heavy, perishable, dangerous or personal / household items.
The cost of delivery depends on the following factors:

  • Volume;
  • Weight;
  • Transportation distance;
  • Customs and storage costs.

We do everything to ensure that your cargo is delivered safe and sound to its destination. The logistics department of our company every day monitors the location of your cargo and compliance with the time component of your order. Delivery of goods from Liechtenstein includes not only personal belongings or household appliances, but also general, as well as groupage cargo, goods of non-standard sizes.

Transportation of your cargo as part of a groupage will significantly reduce your costs. This is due to the consolidation – the process of completing a truck with goods from several shippers. Our greatest asset — these are our customers, therefore we are constantly developing our services, such as expanding the geographical offer and transport services, improving the qualifications of our employees, introducing various innovations to reduce transport costs and improve the quality of freight traffic. For detailed information on road freight transportation to Europe, prices, terms of delivery of goods, you can contact us by phone.


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