Shipping from Latvia

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Shipping from Latvia

Riga, Latvia

Latvia — is a country in northern Europe with a well-developed economic system. The Baltic countries are relatively close to Ukraine, therefore, cargo transportation from Latvia is always in demand and popular.

Latvia is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, occupies a central position in the region and due to its location is considered an important intermediate center through which the bulk of international traffic .

Main economic centers Latviaare — Riga, Jelgava, Daugavpils, Jekabpils, Jurmala, Liepaja and some others. The Latvian economy has experienced one of the highest GDP growth rates in Europe. Thanks to the inflow of foreign investment during the period from 2005 to 2007, the average annual GDP growth rate exceeded 10%.

Most of all, timber, food and agricultural products, metal and mineral products, medicines, fabrics and synthetic fibers are exported from Latvia.

The main economic partners of the state are Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Germany, Sweden, UK, Denmark и Poland.

Air transportation Latvia

Riga airport

Air delivery to Latvia – the fastest way to transport goods. The main air cargo transportation is carried out to Riga (RIX). The cost of air transportation of cargo to Latvia depends on the following factors: cargo weight, dimensions, hazard class. In addition, the final price of the service is influenced by: the cost of delivering cargo to the airport, unloading and loading. Delivery from Latvia by air is carried out by cargo and passenger aircraft.

Customs clearance

Customs clearance of cargo from Latvia

Our company provides customs clearance services cargo and goods from Latvia. We prepare documents, calculate customs payments, submit and issue declarations for goods.

With the help of our specialist, customs clearance of goods from Latvia is carried out within no more than 1 day from the moment the declaration is submitted to customs.

Price of shipping from Latvia

The calculation of the cost of delivery of goods from Latvia is carried out individually, depending on the distance traveled, type of shipping from Latvia and other factors. Delivery cost depends on basic factors: weight, dimensions of the cargo, method of shipment. To optimize financial costs and save customers’ time for each shipping from Latvia we use an optimal scheme and route, thought out to the smallest detail by logistics specialists.

Economical shipping of goods from Latvia

Freight transport Latvia

The company «CargoSupport» provides delivery services from Latvia for general, groupage, perishable and other types of cargo.

Years of experience and knowledge of the specifics of the market of our forwarders have led to quality services and professional service for each client. Our specialists will prepare a full set of accompanying and commercial documentation as soon as possible.

Economical, but high-quality delivery from Latvia — an important task for our company.

Our specialists will develop the most acceptable logistics scheme, taking into account the characteristics of the transported goods, EU legislation, optimal timing and reasonable costs.

We have a lot of ready-made solutions with which we will gladly introduce you. Cooperation is carried out on favorable terms for customers, with a guarantee of the safety of goods.

Logists of our company will provide you with full information about the transportation of goods from Latvia, taking into account the specifics of delivery methods.
We invite you to make sure of the availability and high quality of our services.


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