Transportation of goods from America

Transportation of goods from America

Transportation of goods from America

Company «CargoSupport» provides services for the delivery of goods from thecountries of North and South America. Cargo transportation is carried out by sea and by air. We provide services to legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, individuals. Delivery is carried out to different European countries.

Our company organizes and delivery of goods from America , including delivery to the door, insurance, we take care of all logistics within America and Europe, we carry out customs clearance, as well as placement in consolidation warehouses in the USA, Canada, Latin America and European transit points (Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp).

List of countries we work with

Latin America

Северная Америка

We offer you assistance in organizing the optimal cargo delivery scheme, depending on the terms of the contract, the characteristics of the goods and the feasibility of costs.

Delivery of goods from America by plane

Delivery of goods from America by plane

Air transportation & ndash; the fastest and most reliable way to deliver cargo from America to Europe. Delivery of goods by air significantly gains in terms of time and ensures high safety of goods. The cost of delivery is calculated individually depending on the distance, timing, type of transport, volume of cargo, and its configuration.

Import customs clearance takes place at the destination airport. We work with all types of cargo, except for those that are prohibited for carriage by law. Cargo insurance is carried out at the request of the client. Air delivery time depends on the country and distance.

Container shipping from America

If the weight of the goods exceeds 150 – 200 kg. for cost reduction for transportation, it is more expedient to use the sea transportation service.
«CargoSupport» carries out container shipping from America to Ukraine by ships of the largest ocean lines, including MSC, HAMBURGSUD, HAPAG-LLOYD, ALIANCA, LIBRA.

Due to the remoteness of continents, the organization of sea transportation from America requires the appropriate skills, experience and reliable partnerships that our company possesses. Our logisticians find optimal solutions even for complex tasks, optimizing financial and time costs.

Delivery of groupage cargo from America

Delivery from America

If a shipment takes less than 1 ⁄ 3 volumes of a standard container, we recommend using the service groupage cargo delivery from America. The organization of logistics for the delivery of groupage cargo from America is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. Your cargo is first consolidated at the warehouse in seaport of America, where it is processed, weighed, etc.
  2. After the container is filled with cargo for other recipients, it is loaded onto a sea vessel.
  3. Your goods as a part of groupage cargo are delivered by sea to a consolidated warehouse in Europe, например, в Нидерландах.
  4. From a warehouse in Europe, your cargo is delivered to Europe by car , where it is cleared through customs.
  5. After the customs clearance of the cargo from America it is delivered to the European consignee.

How much does it cost to deliver goods from America

We deliver goods from America as soon as possible — by sea or air. The expenses of our company’s clients for freight from America depend on the type of product, the volume of the batch and the length of the route.

Call or leave a request — we will calculate the cost of delivery and develop the best route taking into account all your wishes.

We will be glad to start our cooperation with you and answer any of your questions.