Customs clearance of cars in Ukraine

Растаможка авто

The company “PP Cargo Support” provides comprehensive solutions – from the submission of preliminary declarations for the border crossing, to the preparation of a customs declaration at the checkpoint. Prices for our services are much “budgetary” than most customs brokers working in border regions. We can defend the customs value stated in the client’s documents, which often entails significant savings in calculating customs payments.

What documents are needed for customs clearance of a car in Ukraine?

  • Technical passport for a car with marks on deregistration in the state registration authorities of the country where the car was purchased.
  • A deed of purchase (invoice, invoice), which confirms the ownership of the car.
  • Passport of Ukraine (if you have a passport in ID-card format, then you need an extract or certificate of registration of residence). A certificate of immigrant indicating the place of registration for citizens registered in the temporarily occupied territories. For foreigners – a permanent residence in Ukraine.
  • TIN identification code (also needed for foreigners).
  • Notarized power of attorney for the purchase and transportation of the car if the car will be purchased and transported by a trustee.
  • Export declaration EX – is not a prerequisite for customs clearance, but a document to confirm the value.

When buying from a private person, an export declaration can be issued at one of the EU regional customs at the border with Ukraine.

How much does it cost to clear a car in 2019?

  • Import duties – 10%
  • The excise tax is calculated depending on the size and type of engine, as well as the age of the imported car.
  • VAT – 20%

Electric cars are not subject to import duties and VAT.

Costs for first registration in MREO

  • State license plate – 172 UAH;
  • Registration form – 219 UAH;
  • Examination-study on the qualitative characteristics of the car, including the numbers of units and assemblies (the conclusion of the traffic police – MREO) (250-300UAH);
  • ;
  • Pension fund 3-5% (cars up to 290 730 hryvnias 3%, from 290 730 to 510 980 hryvnias – 4%, more than 510 980 hryvnias – 5%);
  • Environmental Certification Costs;

Additional costs that may be necessary for customs clearance of the car

  • Expert opinion – commodity expert on the cost characteristics of the car for the correct determination of the customs value of the car.

Algorithm for importing into Ukraine and customs clearance of used cars for individuals

1. Highlights when buying a car

  • The car must comply with the environmental standards of EURO-2 and above for cars and EURO-5 and above for trucks. If not indicated in the data sheet, you can check the VIN code (body number) in open databases on the Internet.
  • Any country of production except Russia and Crimea. We are looking for information by VIN code.

2. Registration of a car pass through the customs border of Ukraine

After completing the documents for the purchase of a car in the country of purchase, to cross the border of Ukraine and pass the car to the place of customs clearance, it is necessary to transfer a financial guarantee in the amount of obligatory customs payments to the customs authorities.

So, after buying a car you will have the following documents in your hands:

  • deed of purchase (invoice, invoice);
  • technical data sheet;

Based on these documents (it will be necessary to send a photo of them together with a copy of the passport and TIN) and we inform the exact amount of customs payments at the NBU rate for the current day.

Account for crediting prepayment funds for customs clearance for individuals (citizens)

Рахунки для зарахування авансових платежів (передоплати), що вносяться громадянами до/або під час митного оформлення в Київській митниці ДМСУ:

Код: UA100000,
Код ЄДРПОУ: 43337359,
IBAN: UA948999980355769089801432060,
Назва: Київська митниця,

After transferring funds to the customs account, a photo of the copy of the check, (payment) will need to be sent to us and we will prepare an electronic declaration of a border crossing to cross the border of the car and deliver it to the destination customs office for further customs clearance.

The number of this document will need to be reported to Ukrainian customs at the border when entering the territory of Ukraine.

3. What should be done when transporting a car from the border of Ukraine to the customs control zone of the destination customs office?

After you crossed the customs territory of Ukraine at the border crossing, the customs inspector gives you a delivery control document on the basis of which you must arrive at the destination customs office within 10 days. In addition, it is especially important for broken cars, it is necessary to conduct customs inspection and take with you a customs inspection certificate.

On the way to the customs control zone of the customs office of destination, you need to receive:

  • Certificate of compliance of an individually approved wheeled vehicle of the vehicle with environmental emission standards EURO-5 – we provide you with a list of certification centers by e-mail.

This certificate is required for registration in the MREO, for customs clearance of the car it is enough to get a certificate from the certification body on the vehicle’s compliance with environmental standards. It is done remotely within an hour, but in order not to overpay the excess, it is better to immediately obtain a certificate of conformity. For damaged cars, you will have to take a certificate, and the certificate will have to be done later after customs clearance at certification service stations, which have the right to issue a certificate to EURO-2 and higher eco-standards, after bringing the car into compliance.

To confirm the customs value of the car we provide a service in obtaining an expert opinion on SHVAKE CATALOG . To do this, you need information about the mileage of the car, the VIN number and the date of first registration.

If the car is broken or its price is below the average market price, you need to receive:

  • Expert opinion – a commodity specialist at the price of a car to correctly determine the customs value of a car.

4. Customs clearance of a car at the customs of destination in Kiev

Check-in at the customs control zone at the destination customs office. Providing a package of documents for customs clearance of a car.

Surcharge for customs funds in case:

  • due to the jump in the exchange rate, the invoice value of the car in hryvnias increased;
  • if the bodies of the DMSU have decided to adjust the customs value of the car;

After passing clearance at customs, you will receive a customs declaration for registration at any branch of the Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine.

Автомобиль в руках

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  1. What documents are needed for Customs clearance of cars in Ukraine ? Technical passport for a car with marks on deregistration in the state registration authorities of the country where the car was purchased.

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