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Are you looking for a convenient solution for auto delivery of goods from Europe or Ukraine?
Want to reduce your international logistics costs?
Do you export or import to the EU countries, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkey and strive to adjust this process to the ideal?
Cargo Support is ready to share experience and life hacks in the field of trucking.

First: before you start organizing auto delivery of cargo, pay attention to the dimensions, weight and nature of the package. Depending on these parameters, you can save on shipping. Small-sized and compactly packaged goods are advantageously transported as part of a groupage cargo and stacked (put the boxes on top of each other).

Cargo from 200 kg from Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the Middle East – it is most advantageous to deliver as a consolidated cargo, since the customer pays only for the place that takes the goods;
Cargo Support offers a service – consolidation of goods in Poland. Thanks to which it is possible to save on shipping. What does it mean? We use the transport that is closest to the place of loading in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Austria, the Netherlands, we ship the goods, take them to a warehouse in Poland, where we transfer them to other cargoes in Ukraine and deliver them to the recipient; < / p>

Second: each car flight has a specific route. The logistician plans dates, cities, warehouses and customs for loading and unloading before the transport leaves. In order to avoid losses on long journeys or cargo searches. It is in connection with this that we recommend booking motor vehicles in advance so that you are added to the route.
Large parties are advantageous to carry a separate truck. In addition to the volume from 5 m3 to 120 m3 with a maximum load capacity of up to 22 tons. There is another advantage of a separate vehicle – moving along a given route of the customer as quickly as possible, lack of contact with the goods of other customers, other people’s warehouses, brokers.

Third: for international transport, it is important to take into account the work schedule of customs and other licensing authorities. Since it is necessary to carry out customs procedures with the goods, and not all posts or organizations work on weekends, on holidays, and without this, transport cannot leave the country.
During the New Year, Christmas, Easter holidays or May weekends, summer siesta, the demand for transport is very high – it is better to worry about its availability in advance, check with the logistician about flights, loading and unloading dates. And based on these data, make your own shipping plan.

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